Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Art of Acceptance

Fishing for compliments
like a plant in a desert
yet not knowing
what to do with it
when it comes...

" The cooking was great today!"
" Oh really ???, hardly paid any attention.."
"Wonderful shirt you are wearing!"
"Oh this?, an old one that I fished out.."
"Great job, well done"
"I did as usual, nothing special..."

With responses like these
what can be expected?
How many times
will a hand be offered
if not accepted in a handshake..

And when they stop coming
eventually they will
you are upset and complain
nobody cares for me
nobody values me!


  1. Your words ring try Rajeev. Only when you are denied of something, you learnt o value it.

  2. I am bad at it. This poem is a lesson for me.

  3. Thank you for your comments Saru! It is difficult to believe though that one such as you who must be receiving plenty of comments has difficulty accepting them...

  4. Thank you Gemini,wonderful to receive your feedback!