Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Apostle of Peace

Born and died in India
yet left his mark
on nations  many
South Africa, America
Myanmar & many more...

Many free thinkers inspired
by this nonviolent Mahatma
his methods impacting work
of King, Mandela, Suukyi..

A lot of the teachings of apostle
trace back to the land of birth
the cradle of spirituality
where blossomed Gurus like
Ramakrishna, Ramana, Sree narayana..

Time overdue to reaffirm & declare
 the great message-
"Vasudeva kutumbakam"
a single global family..

Time long overdue
for the world to pay heed
to the words of the apostle
the apostle of peace!

PS: This poem was written on the focal theme "Vasdeva Kutumbakam" and recited by me at the Kafla International's 10th international writers festival, India held on 27-28 Dec 2014 in Thiruvananthapuram

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