Saturday, 31 May 2014

Film Review- Yamirruka Bhayamey....(YIB)

I am venturing out on a review in verses
review of a regional movie
review of a Tamil movie
on ghosts and the supernatural
Yamirruka bhayamey..."when I am here
there's nothing but fear!"

We have heard of the famous
 horror films, filled with suspense
thrill and fear...
Hitchcock & Dracula films, omen, exorcist..
Indian ones of Ramsay brothers
classics like Madhumathi & Bhargavi nilayam..

Of late however,ennui has set in
"So what's new?"is the question
in the  viewers'mind  with
neither the visuals or the strange sounds
failing to impact them

instead of fear, it is a chuckle
that escapes the viewers..
any suspense lost amidst
cat calls from the audience
horror movies in fact  have
turned out to be comedies!

But YIB surprises
it starts of as a comedy
nobody is taken seriously
no famous actor playing
the hero,heroine or support cast

moving from beginning in smooth
 everyday comic situations
there's of course oomph & some glamour
through the two girls who give company
to hero & friends in a long abandoned villa..

suddenly we are shook up
from slumber by unexpected
twists and turns
from light hearted to suspense
from comedy to fear...
and not viceversa!

YIB impressed...
I must confess
and I will now look out
for work of the director, Deekay
4 out of 5 is a just and fair rating
for this novel ghost movie
that could be a trend setter!

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