Friday, 20 June 2014


What is success? ...
nobody really knows
for many it is
to attain what everyone seems to want...
everyone seem to be striving for...
what everyone  believe to be 'success'

so becoming a sought after doctor
a national team cricketeer, top executive
popular actor or sports person
is deemed  'success'

though most follow the herd, the popular mood
some prefer engaging in
what comes naturally to them...
what gives them a lot of happiness
a lot of satisfaction...

so you have unknown actors
seemingly, wasting a life time
doing drama on  stage
social workers  working quietly
in slums or mental hospitals
away from the limelight
oblivious of the limelight

Even in  organizations
while most are anxious
about moving up the ladder
any which way...
 these few can be found
who are content & energized
doing the thing they love best...oblivious
 of the action, drama around

They, the ones who are different
may be called 'failures'
by those,going by the usual known  definition
of success....
yet they would'nt mind or be bothered
as they never aspired for apples
having sowed orange seeds...

They are content
 being their own person-
like that 'unsuccessful' singer
who chose- to be trapped not
in the society graded  role of a doctor, supreme..



  1. To me success is being happy about the life you lead!

  2. Great! You are a wonderful example yourself of leading your life on your terms & at your own pleasure/ happiness without succumbing to the societal norms...