Thursday, 22 May 2014

East or West RML is the Best!

           I say 'hello' on the phone -if 
           do not get the return hello
            most of the times
           how then will I know
           that I have been heard ?

            even if being heard
           wouldn't any one stop talking?
           if no return hello is forthcoming
           for a long time.. It's the same with creativity......

           In RML  the hellos from many
           gets your juices surging
           if  from no other, rest assured
           the fairy, the guardian angel will respond-
           to you, me,  everyone!

           In a century, when no time for hello
           even from spouses, siblings,
           children or parents
           RML beckons like, an oasis
           a haven in a hapless world
           which is why for many, it's home sweet home
           a home away from home.

         Yes, for sharing thoughts, for a pat & a chat
         east or west
         RML is the best!

Please Note:- is a hobby site (network) for literature lovers from around the world. It provides an opportunity for amateurs to publish their work (poetry, limericks, short stories, essays & articles), invite comments / feedback and get recognized. It also provides an opportunity to network with like minded people who share your passion of writing.....
reference made in the poem to the'Guardian angel' is paddy who not only writes in the blog but keeps it running with administrative support from her son, etentacles.

            Toddler turns Two

Two years!  -  A wonderful landmark
Two years of joy, creativity
Two years of opportunity
support to many-
to blossom, make friends
leave a mark

Greetings to the B'day babe!
Salutations to the parents!
It's celebrations time..
joyous time for us all
the creators, the created
and all those who visit the home
the home away from home!


  1. Thanks very much Rajeev for showcasing RML on your blog and for your generous appreciation. Am very touched by this wonderful gesture on your part. It is writers like you who have made RML what it is today. Heartfelt appreciation and respects. And many thanks again!

  2. Thank you so much Paddy! It is RML that has contributed so much to making me the writer I am today! I hope others who visit here will reach RML & reap the many benefits.