Tuesday, 22 April 2014


One by one they were trapped
seduced by the glitz & glamour
They moved in only to be enveloped by the
swamp from which there was no escape

even if some manage
 to come out
can they be the same
carefree selves again
be the natural spontaneous
 people they once were?

yes, It is sad to be
caught in a swamp
particularly when creativity
is the victim

Yet, many years ago
Kunjan Nambiar the satirist
refused a king's directive to write poetry
on  'Deepastampam' - a temple flag pole
while many wrote for the money
he said- "Deepastampam mahascharyam
 namukkum kittanam panam"
translated it reads
"The flag pole is a great wonder
I also should get money!"

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