Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Blessings & best Wishes

In this sweet month of March
I received the good news from friends
that there was a change in their status
one had become a proud  father
while two others happy grandparents

My heart warmed up to the little ones
a prayer sprang up in my heart
may they have a  pollution free
prosperous and peaceful lives in the future
better than we  their countrymen have in 2014

May they live in an India
where all the people have opportunities
to pursue vocations of their choice
may they in their lives have leaders & statesmen
who constantly strive for the welfare of the people

May they live in an India
which has a common ethos
of being an Indian and Indian alone
with love for each other
from north to south, east to west
unity in diversity in the
truest sense of the words

may they live in an India
that is the envy of the whole world
not merely for its prosperity
but its spirituality, brotherhood
equality and love

Yes, little ones may you grow & bloom in those times
when mother India is beaming again
resplendent in all her glory!

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