Sunday, 2 February 2014

Indians at Cross Roads

Mother India has seen it all 
glory in the past
the world itching to reach
her famed shores
new countries discovered
while in her pursuit

Then it happened-the welcome and the warm gestures
betrayed-  flowers repaid by thorns
She became the prisoner 
of the ones she welcomed with open arms

Yes, mother India has seen it all
freedom from the white skinned rulers
only to be replaced, nay imprisoned  by brown skinned ones
the ones she had thought her own
blinded by greed and self centeredness

Mother's resource plundered
by her own children
whether natural  like mines
or resources slashed away in Swiss banks

Enough tears has she shed
over millions of her children starving, struggling & being sacrificed
at the alter of the greed of a few, designated as trustees
of their welfare

The recent trends
with a trace of renaissance
is a ray of hope for the Indians
who stand at the cross road

Will they use the opportunity
to demand clean responsible
leaders and statesmen
or will they stick to
the politicians as they
have known them,and blindly
owe allegiance to
caste,region and religion?
Time alone will tell........


  1. Very good thoughts.Completely agree that v r today at crossroads. Hope v get a decisive leader to lead India to great progress.

  2. Thank you for responding.If India desires & speaks in one voice this will happen