Monday, 23 December 2013

Permission( 9/7/79)

May be, may be if you will allow me
to live here for a week
nay a month
I'd probably see heaven

The dirty ponds and little temples
call out to me, speak out to me
wave out to me

for once I love the crowds
these crowds of coconut trees
and yet, I now wish to be away
far from the madding crowds

Just ca'nt believe....
the sky is the same
here she seems
fair, pretty and
smiling to me
nay smiling for me

and much, so much
depends on you!
if only you you'd allow me
allow me!


  1. So much, so much
    depends on attitudes

  2. What a superb piece of writing..Loved it.
    So much to learn..Sometimes good work remains unnoticed.:(
    Thanks for this.
    Sourav Adhikari

  3. Thank you so much Tomichan and Saurav!