Monday, 9 December 2013

Not a Habit (6/8/1979 )

"I did nothing of the sort!"
"Ofcourse you did."
Look here,I have never thought of stealing in the wildest of my dreams."
"Well, you did this time"
"I am telling you I never... only once I took a book from the school stores.but then it cost just Rs 1.25 and I took it only for the challenge of it!"
"But this time you really stole."
"Look, you've got to believe me.I am not that sort of a fellow."
"Well, my experience shows otherwise."
"I could show you my conduct certificate.I tell you,I was one of the best students at school."
"well, you are now in college."
"Ask my friends! They would vouch for my good character."
"Oh after all,they are your friends."
"Don't be silly Seema,let's be realstic.Now if I really stole it,it wouldn't be with you right? Well, if it's not with you you'd be dead.But you are alive, meaning I did'nt steal."
"oh you are the silliest moron I have ever come across!"
"what did you call me?"
"A moron.and that's what you are in every sense of the term."
" How dare you say that! Of all the cheek! I demand..... "
"Now,now, what's the matter I say! Tell me,I'll settle it for you."
"No,you are not telling him anything!"
"Ofcourse I am. Now look at this situation pal.First this dame comes and accuses me "You stole my heart" she says and when I explain to her that it is not so, she calls me a moron.Ever heard of greater injustice?"
"Well you really are a dummy yar- come this way"
"But why? Of all the ........"
"Come here, I say, I 'll explain everything.Wait till the whole thing gets in to that thick skull of yours...heh heh... " 


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