Friday, 21 February 2014


The other day in a spiritual program
the speaker declared .....
our natural state is peace & tranquility
It is just that we tend
to move away from
our natural state
and wallow in negative emotions
like fear.....

Today fear appears to be
for most people , the natural state
the student fearful of strict teacher
employees fearful of boss
spouses fearful of one another
managements fearful of unions
and viceversa...

We know that fear
is a negative emotion-  it's
 false education appearing real
comletely immobalizes & weakens us
yet we tend to give in to it
enjoy creating it in others
like the moth that cannot resist
going after the light & fire
in spite of knowing that it will die...

As for reclaiming our natural state
we may need to step back
and look at fear in the eye
and call the imposter's bluff
yes. it can be done
but asks for lot of courage

So the majority of us prefer
to accept fear, create fear
and believe that it infact
is the natural state
and not peace & tranquility
as claimed by the spiritually inclined.....

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