Saturday, 7 September 2013

Unacknowledged Smiles

Dear  Readers
I would like to present to you thoughts penned in lines (prose) and in verses (poetry) over the years.You will therefore find in them the nature, sensibilities of the said times and my own chronological age & maturity at that point of time. It is true that these days I write more of non fiction (   and www.corporatepoem, However I would like to resume & put on paper the spontaneous thoughts in this area.

Unacknowledged Smiles     (7-8-1980)

The little red rose smiled at me
Again and again
Not discouraged that her smile wasn't returned

She continued to smile
even as she grew
and straightened in full bloom
Though now, her smile
was a little weakened
a little sad.....

she was still smiling
her sad little smile
as she withered away
and joined the earth

Guilt pricked me
and poked at my heart
I cried for the rose
my little red rose

The rose hadn't known
that I adored her petals
that I had watched unseen her sweet little face

that I had stifled the smile
that threatened to break
every now and  then
just watching her face

How could she know
that my smiles were reviewed
and controlled by forces
outside of me!

The rule had been set
that if I were to smile
I shall smile at lilies
And lilies alone!