Monday, 16 September 2013

The Good Old Days (3/2/1977)

Oh days, you are running in to months and years
So fast, so very fast
You ran even as I watched
so fast so very fast

I couldn't even get to caress you
to feel you, and to hold you close
for you were so naughty and vain
always on the run
with spare time for none

Now I have this little request
which even as I make looks vain
If only I could with your aid
go back and start all over again
minimising the mistakes,prolonging the  pleasures
undoing the mischief and soothing the lumps

No, no don't say no!
my heart which is aching will break if you do
Ah the sigh of helplessness envelops my brain
you haven't changed have you oh days
you always were so naughty and vain

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