Saturday, 14 September 2013

Light of Our Home (7/9/2013)

On this auspicious day dear…
I fondly acknowledge- fondly recollect
The many things that have made you the light of our home
Sweet & simple, not enamoured
by gold or clothes – not impressed
by the glitz & glamour
Very practical and grounded, is the light of our home!

Always devoted to the cause of children- mother first
All else afterwards….  Even today, at 4 in the morning
You are their alarm –to shop for things, you are their guide
They know that for anything & everything you will be there
Yes, Solid as a rock is the light of our home!

It is this quality that helped weather
 Difficulties of transfers – of running the family
Single handed……
Handling other challenges, taking initiatives
All for the well being of our home
By who else, but the light of our home!

A good teacher revered by students
Wonderful cook – kind hearted
 Towards People, animals & birds
Lover of fauna & flora
Is the light of our home!


  1. wow chettan simply superb ... Proud of chechi....(was lucky to join you for the lunch..).

  2. Thanks Minu. It was our pleasure spending time with you over lunch