Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Anger to Empathy

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It is believed 'natural' for people
to expect others to live by 'their values'
to behave as per 'their expectations'
and if this does not happen
it is 'natural' to be angry

If one can understand, realize
that even if living in same house
people have had different experiences
going long way back to even past lives
that moulded their present
different perspective and behaviour,
one would no longer be angry....

One then moves from anger,
condemnation. being upset
to acceptance and empathy
A change in thought, perception
is all it takes to move
from anger to empathy...

NB: This poem is inspired by the teachings of Brahmakumaris (BK)


  1. Thank you so much Rajesh! Happy you liked it.

  2. As you have mentioned, understanding and acceptance are the two first steps towards empathy.

  3. Thank you DP for going into the essence of the poem and giving youur feedback.