Thursday, 9 February 2017

Cute Little Event among Friends- CD Release of Sing along …. Indian Rhymes

At the Chennai Poetry Circle’s annual meet on 30th January2017, it was bonhomie as usual- Meeting friends, exchanging notes, reciting and appreciating poetry. Before the recitations began, we also had two eminent professors of English who are also poetry critics Prof T.Sriraman and Dr Ganesh sharing the nuances of classical poetry and the changing trend of Indians writing in English. The occasion was also witness to a cute little event- CD release of “Sing along …. Indian Rhymes”, nursery rhymes for children of 3+ years. Ms Hema Ravi. One of the creators of the rhymes was present on the occasion.
 The rhymes are written by Dr R. Lakshmi Perundevi and Ms Hema Ravi, both accomplished personalities in their chosen fields of education and communication. They are also wonderful poets and dear friends from the poetry circles. Indian children, over the years have been fed the staple diet of rhymes set in an alien scenario. We have rhymes of the pussy cat, which went to London to look at the queen or of the escapades of Jack and Jill. For a change, in this CD you get to know about “nanhi munni Meena , Lakshmi the cow and the Indian street vegetable vendor. 

As for me, I loved everything about this CD. It not only gives children the Indian context but also introduces them to aspects of hygiene, morals ( Bapuji and the monkeys)  and polite behaviour( Magic words). The CD has a cute little booklet as companion that has the lyrics and pictorial illustrations. Professionally designed, it has refreshing music by R.Kumar Narayanan of Sain tunes creative services pvt Ltd and pleasing young voices of Vidhyaa, Ridhi, Priyanka, Athithi, Harshittha, Varsha, Sanjanaa, Kumar Narayanan and Anish. Illustrations are by Rajalakshmi Parthan, Nivedha, Srivats and Harisruthi. Anish Mohan is the programmer with the recording and mixing done at Saintunes studios.

Sing Along …. Indian Rhymes is a boon to the little children of our country and is modestly priced at Rs 125/ per CD. I congratulate the lyricist producers Dr Lakshmi and Ms Hema as also    everyone associated with this initiative. It could be the forerunner for many more such efforts customising the needs of the Indian tiny tots! 


  1. Are they on Youtube too? None of my devices are CD compatible anymore.

  2. Ok. I think that they are yet not on you tube. Will find out and revert.

  3. Ms Hema Ravi one of the lyricists has communicated as follows:
    "We are not available in you tube. One can purchase it and get it copied on any device. This may be posted, if you don't mind it"
    I am awaiting information on where it can be procured...

  4. That sounds great. I must look this up.

  5. Thank you Divya for sharing your thought. I will give more details on the point of procurement after hearing from the lyricist producers.

  6. Thank you dear poet friend Rajeev Mothedath for speaking about this educational initiative.
    Interested persons may mail me at

    1. Thank you.It was a pleasure to write about this initiative which I believe will benefit immensely our little children...

  7. The kids these days like to see animation with the rhymes so they can understand the lyrics better. It also helps the parents to have a conversation about the rhymes with the kids. I love your idea, but please do take this concept to the next level. We live in the US, and buying a CD is not a good option.

  8. Thank you for your feedback.They have a cplouring book along with CD with pictures along with CD. I get your point though. Ypu feel a video would be better. Hope the lyric writer cum producers take note, Will pass on your thoughts to them

  9. Thank you Mr. Rajeev for the support.
    Thanks, Ms Radhikha for your interest. We appreciate your views. Could you mail me at so that we could discuss more...