Wednesday, 28 September 2016

If Only.....( A Micro Fiction)

"They will open the door to take the milk, that is our time!"
"Okay", she said
"You say okay but you are very slow.The last time you delayed and I also had to slow down.They caught both of us and put us back inside."

Sweety and I like to roam outside. After all, we don't want to be tied down inside the house all the time. It's a lot of fun to catch the pigeons flying around when they come within reach.Most of the time we don't get to catch them but the thrill is in the 'trying'. We have to be vigilant though.There is this ferocious guy who sometimes bark at us and we have to be quick on our feet.

Last Saturday, Sweety listened to my advice and sped out of the front door like a rocket. It was I who couldn't run fast enough and had to go back inside. But Sweety never came back.I learnt from the discussions that they were searching for her all over the place.After a  day I heard them say, Sweety was killed by a speeding car! Oh God it's terrible! Ever since she left, I have lost my rhythm and drive.Life is no longer fun...I don't try to run out of the house anymore. For a few days , I meowed and meowed searching for her in all the rooms and crying desperately for her.

If only I had not taunted Sweety and challenged her to run faster. If only.....