Sunday, 4 September 2016

A Tip for the Confused Student

Being a student
can be tough and confusing
particularly today
with so many more choices
"Should I listen to dad
or ask the teacher
or simply do what
all my friends are doing...?"

Just listen to your heart
your higher self
for guidance and light on
real  purpose of your being...

You will then be aware
of your true self, gain insight
of  what you do naturally, easily
and effortlessly, in a flow....

Something that doesn't
ever feel tiring or boring
something that doesn't cause upset
and you hardly notice
when obstacles emerge...

Having found the path
go for it unconditionally
no matter what others think
or even what your head tells you
simply listen to your heart
and your heart alone!


  1. right advice there...listen to your heart..and be dedicated...nice one sir :)

  2. At that age heart beats for several things... it is difficult to zero in on one choice. :)

    1. It is not the heart but the head that has too many things.Going in deeply to the heart gets you an answer that need not be necessarily lucrative commercially but something that can keep you really Happy! Thank you for sharing your thoughts Indrani.

  3. Wish you had written it 30 yrs ago;)

    1. :) Wish I had realised or thought about it 30 years ago so that it would have benefitted me as well!

  4. Good advice for youngsters but the youngsters heart too have many choices n sometimes it goes wrong too so I wish to add one more thing to your piece

    Just listen to your heart
    Go for the one heart craves for
    speak out with your godfather
    and conclude what's better for you.

  5. Hi Rajeev,
    You have been featured in Tangy Tuesday Picks on September 6, 2016.

    Keep Blogging!
    Team BlogAdda

  6. Thank you so much BlogAdda! Very happy that you like this post and has featured it in Tangy Tuesday!