Saturday, 27 February 2016

Underestimating the power of the Common man

It’s foolish for diehard fans
of film stars and politicians to expect
that the average citizen will support
the commissions and omissions
of their ‘heroes' at any cost
no matter what…

So the common man who applauds
a film star’s bravado on the screen
may not be thrilled by his stunts
when public roads are  used as playgrounds
in real life…

Similarly, politicians cheered
for ‘development’ or ‘secularism’
may not win claps of the common folk
when they attempt  white washing brains
for control and dancing to their bidding

Diehard fans may have
a one track mind
which they may hold unto death
but, hey it’s foolish to expect
 everyone else  to worship ‘your idol’
no matter what!


  1. The only problem is that the common man takes a while to understand the truth.

  2. Idol worship no doubt, may continue for a while but soon fades off when truth lacks in the sayings/doings of the person worshiped.. And that Truth forever is Loving the next man as myself when I say something.. A good Post!

  3. Thank you so much Archana and Tomichan for sharing your thoughts!

  4. Thank you Sreedharji for not only appreciating the essence of the poem but adding your wonderful thought!- "And that Truth forever is Loving the next man as myself when I say something.."

  5. So true! Die hard fans really have a one track mind. Perfectly put :)

  6. Thank you Purba.Happy that you can relate to this poem!