Sunday, 21 February 2016

Miss You

Miss you, little one
can't believe it's the same me
never exposed to pets in childhood
with my mother wary & fearful of animals..

After so many years, you 'Vava'
and 'Kuttu', your brother
joined our family of four
even then, initially I was distant
took time to  warm up to the two of you

Before I knew it, I was getting
more and more attached
though you , unlike brother
was always reluctant  to the idea
of being petted or fondled

Thought your brother
to be  more loving
and felt closer to him
yet now that you
are no more
the heart aches
much more than
I would have ever thought...

It's heart breaking to see
your brother move
from room to room
'meo' ing  sadly in search of you
miss you little one
our family of five grieves for you...

PS: Few days back, of the brother sister pair of cats, 'Kuttu "and "Vava", the sister ran out of our flat and was found later under the wheels of an automobile.


  1. Thank you Mridula, Ila and Maliyekal for your kind words.

  2. That always hurts in an unspeakable sorry to hear about your cats.....

  3. Thank you Sunaina and Purba for sharing your thoughts.