Thursday, 28 January 2016

Unheard Cries for Attention

Now, more than at any other time
the sad and the depressed
will go unnoticed
the signs will get lost
in the pretences
and the requirement of the times
to be jolly and merry always
no matter what you feel inside

If at all an SOS is actually given
none can guage it and respond
as they are either too busy
or untrained for the task
they only become alert and aware
when it's too late
over the dead bodies....


  1. The weak are being eliminated. Social Darwinism rules the roost.

  2. We are indeed too busy with our lives. Sometimes we don't want to hear the cries to keep our happy bubble intact. Nice piece!

  3. Thank you Tomichan for sharing your thoughts!

  4. Thank you Garima for going in to the essence of the poem!

  5. Sad, wish people knew the signs.
    Hope all is well at your end.

  6. Thank uou Indrani and Ila for the feedback.

  7. So true :(
    We should definitely take out time for our loved ones and stop playing 'always busy'.
    I love the way you express such deep thoughts and knowledge through your poems.

  8. Heartfelt poetry. People come back to their senses when it is too late.

  9. Thank you Purba and Sunaina for going in to the essence of the poem and sharing your thoughts and appreciation!