Thursday, 7 January 2016

Get Rid of the Blues

Blessed art thou 0h creative minds
poets,writers,artists of all hues
A tip for you to get rid of the blues
create a file of all positive
feedback received till date

Copy them down from comments on your work
or from the Emails in your inbox
if need be,write it down from the memories sweet
of a fan gushing to praise your work

Now just read them all together
and kiss the blues goodbye!
better still,read it twice each day
first thing in the morning
last thing before bed
and the blues will shiver to enter your space

With this routine,you'd be charged up
excited,raring to go
knowing so many in the world value
love you and love your work...


  1. Rearing to go, what a fun poem!

  2. Thank you so much for this poem :)
    I think I will create this file soon. Thanks once again.

  3. Thank you so much Purba. Happy that you got the essence; I wrote seriously about the file.In your case though with a flood of appreciation, you can read 2 to 3 pages daily:) All the best!

  4. Great idea..wonderfully expressed!

  5. What an idea! It's true, appreciation brings so much positivity!

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  7. Thank you Shaivi.Do try it and share your experience!

  8. Loved reading this poem, Have a Nice Day. . . :)

  9. Great advice. Apt for the age.
    Happy 2016.

  10. Thank you D! Happy 2016 to you too.

  11. Absolutely correct. Appreciation for the work that is so close to us is surely a way to get rid of the blues.