Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Many years ago in the then India
Shankar, the cartoonist
Could make fun of anyone including
the PM in his cartoons

Today-an artist, cartoonist beware
Thou could be hounded, put behind bars
forced to leave and die in another land
If annoying the law makers, the politicians
Or the  organised touchy sensitive citizens
 of modern India!

 We claim  progress; we claim growth
have big shopping malls
 latest cars and gadgets
are connected to
the whole world through internet

yet the irony is...
with each passing day
more intolerant has India  become
the  people  can't speak their mind
can't express dissent
another point of view

Is this progress?
Is this success?
 With passage of  time,are we going backwards
instead of forward
with new generations  enjoying less freedom of expression
than their ancestors........


  1. Very true. This incidence reminds me of a cartoonist who was put behind the bars for speaking his mind couple of years ago. However, I don't remember his name. :(

  2. So true!
    India got freedom from Britishers but not from egoistic politicians.

  3. Thanks to both Pankthi & Indrani for sharing your thoughts. It is nice to know that our readers agree.