Thursday, 20 April 2017

Proof of the Pudding

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Proof of the pudding
is in the eating...
so no point telling the other person
"how can you not like my pudding?
I have put the best possible ingredients
of first rate quality
so you jolly well like it!"
The fact is he doesn't like it- period!

The same goes for abuses
“I didn't mean it-  in our village/ elite circles
this type of language is common
and not held offensive
so don't be offended
in fact, you have no right
to be offended!

If you are feeding someone
your tastes are immaterial, so…
If he doesn’t care for your alluring desert
doesn’t deserve it, preferring the ordinary rice gruel
so be it!  


  1. The second stanza made me smile. It reminds me of my last post :)

  2. Yes. We cannot force our choices and tastes on someone else whose preference can be different. Many misunderstandings can be avoided if we understood this.

  3. Thank you DP for going in to the essence of the poem and sharing your thoughts.

  4. Choice is what makes the world go round :D free to choose free to reject!

  5. Couldn't agree with you more! Thank you for sharing your thought.

  6. You said it right. Do your best, but don't beat yourself up on any negative feedback k.

  7. Thank you Alok for sharing your thought on the subject.