Friday, 24 March 2017

Ire on the Innocents

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She and he
head over heals
inseparable, even for a moment

Cut to five years later
Its legalized status
With two more additions
In the framed photograph.

Soon, an incident here
and an incident there
the story has come full circle
now, they can’t see eye to eye
even for a moment…

The biggest victims of the fall out
are the little ones…
frustrations, disappointments transferred to them
physically and emotionally

taking it out on the hapless innocents…. 


  1. I remember you had written another composition on the same subject -- "We Want You Both".

  2. Yes, that was the situation after the divorce.This when relationship has soured...

  3. So sad! And yet it is becoming more common!

  4. Thank you for sharing your thought Mridula!

  5. That hurts, something we should take a serious note of!

  6. Thank you giving your feedback on the subject Alok!

  7. Very touching. Where the fault lies is a lingering question. Will not the
    couple think of the happy days spent and how much they were ready to forego for one another..yes at least for the sake of the kids who would love to have both let concerned pair think twice. A delicate subject that has become too common and needs a solution is well pointed out in crisp leords kand fast flowing style. Thank you for this good verse

  8. Thank you Lakshmi Ma'm.Great to receive your feedback!

  9. "Two more additions....." - nice choice of words

    and countless deletions in the future :( when a relationship falls apart, little hearts suffer first

  10. Thank you so much for your feedback Sujatha!

  11. "frustrations, disappointments transferred to them
    physically and emotionally"- this is what happening and thats the irony

  12. Thank you so much for your feedback!