Monday, 28 November 2016

My Heart Goes Out....

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My heart goes out
to my countrymen
who are so tolerant
even when manipulated
used and abused for years...

By foreigners at one time
later, and now by those
supposedly their own -

By leaders of all hues, from right to left
in various fields, whether politics
industry, labour unions, hospitals
police or schools...

Just look at them currently
patiently waiting, in long queues
accepting, not complaining
earnestly believing that all this
is worth it for a better tomorrow...

Oh how could anyone
betray, let down
such simple folks
as my countrymen?

yes, my heart goes out
to my countrymen
so simple, tolerant
patient and trusting....


  1. Change is painful, always! It looks like in theory but in practice it is messy!

  2. You are so right! Let's hope that in the long run the end will justify all the messiness and hardships...

  3. Always adjusting and adapting to change . . .

  4. Yes, Thank youfor sharing your thoughts Amit!