Saturday, 22 October 2016

Captivating Lines from Here and There-13

  • We need to realize that missions are always bigger than organizations, just as organizations are always bigger than the individuals who run them- Dr Abdul Kalam in “Ignited Minds”
  • In the holistic model, the cause of any disease is understood in terms of the whole person and not in terms of a particular organ or tissue- From the book “Healthy Mind, Healthy body”  
  • The concept of knowledge management is based on the value of the individual expertise and experience which need to be harnessed and used for the benefit of the organization rather than being ignored by overconfident and unwise managers.
  • Sometimes we spend so much time in a formal education that we feel that we must stick to the rules of that education to give it credence. We hate to think that we went through all of that trouble for nothing and for that reason may be reluctant to accept new ideas- Mark.S. Kearns, Author
  • Concern yourself with the world inside you and you will have little to concern you in the world outside you- Edgar Cayce, Mystic & author
  • There are sound practical reasons for taking account of employee views before making significant decisions. When compared with a manager who may be relatively new, skilled experienced employees having knowledge of specific processes, may be aware of the implications that are invisible to the manager.
  • There is more to life than the petty pace at which most of us live our lives today- From the book “End the struggle and advance with life” by Susan Jeffers 
  • There are only two things I do in every company. One is I make sure I get the business running by itself and the second is I always have a word of mouth system in place- A successful entrepreneur with chain of companies.
  • All chronic diseases are due to miscommunication of messages between and within cells. Diabetes is a disease of nutrition and it is the science of nutrition that must treat it- Dr Joseph Mercola, Alternative medicine advocate
  • The definition of ‘Forgiveness’ is “Giving as you gave before the hurt occurred”- in the book “Tools of the spirit” by Ditts and McDonald


  1. And yet so many will ignore the experienced employee over the manager!

  2. True.. Thanks for sharing your thought Mridula!

  3. Good collection of inspiring and captivating lines from those succeeded.

  4. Thank you Journalist! Happy to hear from you after a long time.