Sunday, 6 July 2014


Going to school,college
merely to earn a degree

Going on a holiday
to be able to boast
to neighbours & friends

Using TV debates
to outshout the other guys

All these seem to be
the norm today...

In another time, in this very place
going to school was
for wholesome development
character building and preparing students
for future challenges..

Holiday was to relax body & mind
personal rejuvenation
in the company of loved ones

Debates were meant to discuss & understand
and get others to understand
not to argue or win

Has the time come for us to introspect
to become purpose detectives
and do things that meet the basic purpose
avoiding activities for the wrong reasons
that defeats the very purpose
that it purports to achieve...


  1. Times have changed and people too.

  2. Yes.. but change can be for the better & not for its own sake...